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History activity due in 16 hours

DUE IN 16 HOURS HISTORY INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED Response 1 Name Course Name Institution Name Instructor’s Name Date 1. Report-of-the-national-advisory-commission-on-civil-disorders-1968 2. native-American’s-occupy-Alcatraz The first document was a report written by an 11-member committee appointed by the president to investigate the civil unrest which was being witnessed in parts of America especially Detroit, New Jersey and Michigan. […]

Interview project

Rubric of how the project needs to be completed is attached ATH 101 Final Project Part B Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric Overview: In this part of the final project, you will address the categories of cultural diversity, anthropological methods, cultural connections, and predictions of how anthropology can be useful in a future crisis. Whether […]

Our nation now faces an unprecedented double crisis of a spreading,

History 149, Summer 2020: Final Essay BE SURE TO READ ALL DIRECTIONS! This includes those of you who didn’t read them for the first essay. WHY YOU need to read the directions: Every semester someone fails to read through the directions and looses credit. DON’T let that happen to you. READ THEM!! Due Date and […]