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Answer the following questions with three paragraphs, or more for each question.

Educated | Tara Westover

  • Who is the most influential figure in the Westover household in terms of Tara’s awakening?
  • At the memoir’s conclusion how would describe Tara’s relationship with her mother and father?

Dancing On The Edge of The Roof | Sheila Williams

  • In the novel Dancing On The Edge of The Roof by Sheila Williams, Juanita makes a definitive choice. How has she changed and what does she learn about herself?

“The Case For Reparations” | Ta’Nehisi Coates

  • Ta’Nehisi Coates makes a case for African American reparations. How is the federal, state, and local government responsible? (Land and housing, lending institutions).

Requirements: 3 paragraphs for each question


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