Journal of the plague year

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History 121 


Using Daniel Defoe’s A Journal Of The Plague Year(New York: Penguin Classics, 1986) as your source, write an essay that explores the similarities and differences between the experience of the plague in London in 1665 and your experience of Covid 19. Unlike your previous essay, you are not required to use footnotes or endnotes, though they are preferred. You are required to draw from the text of the Journal, as assigned. You can use in-text citations, e.g., (Journal, 99), note the italics.

It is an essential requirement of this assignment that you use and cite this document as evidence for your argument. 


1. Your submission should be at three to four pages long (that is at least three to four pages of interpretation), double-spaced, and have one inch margins top and bottom, one inch margins left and right.

2. The paper title, your name, the course and section number, and your year (freshman, junior, etc,) should be included on a separate title page.

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