Nursing assignment 2

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  1. An experienced registered professional nurse has just been promoted to the nurse manager of a nursing unit. The nurse had been a very effective leader on the unit prior to the promotion of becoming the nurse manager. What are the essential characteristics of an effective leader that the new nurse manager needs to incorporate into the nursing unit culture?
    Part I
    You are working with the newly promoted nurse. Her name is Marge. She asks you if you would be interested in assisting her in collecting evidence on the best ways to be proactive in preparation for the fall influenza season. This year, Marge wants to offer a flu vaccine clinic for the local community shelter staffed by everyone on this unit. You are willing to help Marge, and you inform her you will assist her with developing a plan of action.
     1) So far, what kind of leadership qualities has Marge exhibited?
    Part II
    Marge speaks to you later on during the shift. She states that she has decided to offer these clinics every Saturday and expects everyone to sign up for 4 hour rotations. Marge states, “of course, I cannot pay the staff for their time, it’s our professional duty as nurses to help our community.” She asks you to be in charge of scheduling your staff members who work with you on the day shift to work the first two Saturdays.
    2) Considering the recent conversation with Marge, how would you respond?
    3) Are there problems with the plans Marge has just discussed involving you?
    4) What kind of Leadership theory do you feel that Marge is utilizing now?
    5) Do you think that leadership in the hospital will be happy with the plans that Marge has made? Do you see where there may be a problem when human resources hears about these plans?
  2. Your pap should be:
    • One (1) page
    • Typed according to APA Writing Style for margins, formatting and spacing standards.
  3. Typed your pap in a Microsoft Word document, save the file, and then upload the file.

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