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Assignment Content

  1. To prepare you for the public health nurse’s role in preventing communicable disease outbreaks in the community, complete this assignment’s simulations.

    Follow these steps to complete the simulations and take notes about what errors in decision-making you make as you complete the scenarios:

    1. Access the Solve the Outbreak page on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.
    2. Select the Level 1 section on the simulation screen and complete 10 interactive outbreaks of your choice using the information and questions provided in it. Use the right and left scroll feature to access all of the simulation options listed.
    3. Select the home button on the upper left corner of the simulation screen.
    4. When you have completed all 10 outbreaks, select the Scores tab on the bottom of the home screen.
    5. Take a screenshot of your scores screen that shows all of the outbreaks you have completed and the score received for each. This may require more than 1 screenshot.
    6. Think about why you chose your answers and how the hints provided in the simulations showed you why another choice was more accurate. 

      Submit your screenshot(s) to show proof of completion.



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