Oral health promotion to improve quality of life

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I’m currently working on a capstone project titled “Oral Health Promotion to Improve the Quality of Life in Older Adults Living Independently”. The project is taking place in and adult living community in Miami Florida and the intervention to be implemented as the practice change project will be a 4 week oral health education program targeted to improve knowledge about oral care, benefits and consequences. 

In 750 words explain that 

· you encountered a problem statement that guided you to develop your practice change project. 

· What problem did you find on the site that made you develop an implementation to improve it? Oral health is overlooked by many adults and it is not considered as important as other health issues.

· Why do you think this problem, if not addressed, would affect patients’ quality of life? If not addressed has consequences like cavities, gum disease, or might develop in something worse like pneumonia or endocarditis.

· Do you think its implementation is necessary to improve or solve the problem?

It should include at least 3 academic sources.


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