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Nursing Influence Healthcare through Advocacy.

The core obligation of health advocacy is to assist patients in their journey to good health. Some of the activities for health advocacy may include assisting patients in dealing with clinicians and healthcare professionals and educating them to make a well-informed decision on their healthcare, especially regarding treatment and diagnosis (Abbasinia, Ahmadi & Kazemnejad, 2020). Healthcare advocates also guide patients through their medical care options, such as health insurance navigation, placement navigation, and administrative and legal duties. Healthcare advocates influence patient advocacy in many scenarios, for instance, when patients face challenges in adhering to their medication routine.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, healthcare advocacy played a crucial role in patients. For instance, an aged woman with a heart condition who used to attend all the events at a local community centre before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic needed advocacy when the pandemic persisted. She had an active social life before the pandemic, and her daily routines helped her keep up with her medical prescriptions. When going to choir practice, she remembered to pass by the pharmacy and buy her medicines and her afternoon visit to her friends reminded her to take her medication. However, due to the breakdown of her routines by the pandemic and the prolonged isolation, she has begun to lose track of how to manage and adhere to the prescription. This became a challenge to her, and a healthcare professional had to advocate so that she could maintain her health.

In this case, the health advocate planned a conference call with the aged woman and her doctors, whereby he had to confirm the patient’s medications and dosages. The older woman’s advocate researched the available local pharmacies and advised the client about their operation hours and delivery options to ensure that the client always had her medication bought and delivered on time, thus effectiveness the client’s connectivity to resources (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021). He further arranged for stocking the medicines unavailable in the local pharmacies to ensure that the aged woman did not miss their dosage.  Additionally, the healthcare advocate checked the older woman regularly through a phone call or physical appearance to ensure that that the client had taken medication and see if further prescriptions were needed to inform the client’s doctors.  . the health advocate listened to the concerns from this client and educated the patient to understand aspects of her treatments which she did not understand. He educated the older woman on how to manage her present condition and be active again in the absence of her friends and community events she used to attend before the pandemic. Through this, the healthcare advocate was able to positively influence the health status of the older woman during the Covid 19 pandemic.


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Reply to Livan

Whenever we talk about nursing as a science and its role in society, it is impossible to forget its origins. Once again it is important to remember its theoretical bases that have marked a whole process of evolution and improvement that adapts to the socio-economic, political, and technological changes of the population. The role of Nursing has been linked to the health care of men and women, as well as their environment and communities, since its inception. Florence Nightingale was a pioneer in the 19th century for her political prominence advocating in defense of health care. Like the economy, the climate, society or migration, health is a fundamental element to be dealt with at the political level throughout the world. Currently, nurses are true ambassadors of health in all societies. Nursing professionals add up to more than half of the total workforce in the field of health throughout the planet and, in addition to specific actions to care for sick people, are also associated and contribute their knowledge in other vulnerable areas of public health such as access to health care and institutions, the promotion of healthy policies, primary and secondary prevention, cost of medicines and other resources, quality of health care or affordable health insurance coverage. (Chiu et al., 2020)

The education and training of new generations of nurses increasingly incorporates the knowledge and training of these professionals for a more diverse action and capable of addressing strategies for social, economic, and environmental development in favor of the health and well-being of the human being. We have gone from the limited individual vision at the level of the patient and her health problems to advocacy at the social and political level. (Koehn K., 2020)

Many publications worldwide have shown the results of very interesting research where the impact of the work of nurses at a social level and in the development of public health policies is demonstrated. Nursing has earned its recognized place in society and politics with its work, its knowledge, its strategies, and its vision. There are many examples where the work of nurses was vital in the fight against health problems through promotion, remember for example the vaccination campaign against COVID 19 where nurses were exercising their mandate as professionals at each stage of the process which includes planning, program management, monitoring and evaluation, resources and even methodological guidance and education. It would be impossible to talk about the development of healthy public policies that address health without Nursing work being present. (Gagnon et al., 2020)


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