Unstable angina

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Please add minimum of  4 APA style references to the attachment ( not older than 5 years ) relayed whith what was written 

Primary Diagnosis: Unstable Angina


Status/Condition: Guarded


Code Status: Full Code


Allergies: Not know allergies


Admit to Unit: Telemetry


Activity Level: Bathroom provileges


Diet: Cardiac diet


IVF (if ordered, include type and rate ): None


Critical Drips :

Heparin IV bolus 5000 units then 15 units/ kg /hr (max :1000 units/hr )

Respiratory: Nasal cannula to keep oxygenation above 94 %



Aspirin 81 mg daily orally

Metoprolol 50 mg daily orally

Morphine 2 mg IV with intervals of 2 mg IV repeated at 15 min interval if chest pain

Nitroglycerin 0.4 mg sublingual every 5 minutes up to three tablets

Nursing Orders: Vital sings every 4 hours, bathroom privileges with assistance, pain assessment every hours, call provider for any change in chest pain intensity , frequency and characteristic , bleeding precautions, pulse oximetry around constant.

Follow Up Lab tests: Serial troponin, BMP, CBC

Diagnostic testing : Ekg , CTA to r/p PE , ECHO doppler

Consults: Cardiologist consult

Patient Education and Health Promotion (address age-appropriate patient education if applicable): Cardiac diet , exercise, proper follow up with cardiology , use of cardiac medication


Discharge planning and required follow-up care: Cardiology


References (minimum of 3, timely references, that prove this plan follows current standard of care).



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