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 EBP Poster Presentation RubricEBP Poster Presentation RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsClinical Questionview longer description10 to >0 ptsSatisfactory•include your PICOTS or PICO or PICOT statement/question from week 2. •single outcome, single intervention •proposed intervention holds promise in improving an outcome in population of interest0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 10 ptsSynthesis of Evidenceview longer description10 to >0 ptsSatisfactory•from review of literature •one paragraph0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 10 ptsProject Teamview longer description10 to >0 ptsSatisfactory•Identify members of EBP project team (by profession and/or role, not by name) •Includes stakeholders for change in practice0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 10 ptsBarriersview longer description10 to >0 ptsSatisfactory•Identify anticipated barriers to change (both cultural and organizational)0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 10 ptsFacilitation Planview longer description10 to >0 ptsSatisfactory•Leadership plan (how will you lead the EBP team?) •Strategies to facilitate change and overcome barriers0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 10 ptsEvaluation Planview longer description10 to >0 ptsSatisfactory•How will you measure the outcome of the change you propose? •How will outcomes be measured on an ongoing basis?0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 10 ptsImplementation Planview longer description10 to >0 ptsSatisfactoryHow will you roll this out at your institution? Include: •Time line •Plans for education •Roles for team members •Marketing •Equipment needs (including any costs associated withchange)0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 10 ptsReferencesview longer description10 to >0 ptsSatisfactory•Include a Minimum of 5 references on your poster •APA format0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 10 ptsStyle/ Formatview longer description10 to >0 ptsSatisfactory•Terms in bold used as section headings •Free of errors •APA format for citations and references Selects poster template NOT Slide presentation0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 10 ptsCreativity of Presentationview longer description10 to >0 ptsSatisfactoryDesign and use of color, illustrations, graphics0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 10 ptsTotal Points: 0

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