Lesson 6 discussion

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Using the Literature MATRIX

As you read and  evaluate your literature there are several different ways to organize  your research. One of these ways to organize your work using a “matrix”


No, not this, matrix, but the one attached to this discussion (Appendix G).  


 Download 2017_Appendix_G_Individual_Evidence_Tool

This  document allows you to compile details about your sources, such as the  foundational theories, methodologies, and conclusions; begin to note  similarities among the authors, and retrieve citation information for  easy insertion within a document.


  1. Instructions:
    1. Conduct a rapid critical analysis of the five (5) articles (use the articles used in discussion 5).
    2. Title the discussion with the PICOT question.
    3. Initial post: Your post should be within a range of 150-200 words and answer the following questions.
      1. Choose one of the research studies in the Matrix table (Appendix G).
      2. Provide a brief overview of what the article was trying to do (i.e., the problem).
      3. What is the type of the study( experimental, cohort, case-study)?
      4. What was the purpose of the study?
      5. Describe the sample (who are the participants, how they were selected). Setting (where it happen).
      6. What is the source of the data?  (was a survey, intervention, observation, interviews).
      7. What were the results? (major findings) (look at the discussion, what was learned).
      8. Limitations (who funded the research, was the sample too small).
    4. Peer response: Identify two (2) students that may share a similar question and comment in their literature matrix post. Remmeb
    5. Cite your references APA 7th  ed. (not included in the length of the post). 
    6. To see rubric, click on the 3-dot menu 3-dot Menu on the top-right side of screen. 

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