Need help editing my cultural diversity powerpoint

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Need help formatting my cultural diversity powerpoint


Select one of the primary areas of cultural diversity and/or populations and make a PowerPoint
presentation following the assignment instructions.

Primary Areas of Cultural Diversity:

• Lack of Health insurance and poor health care access (rural areas)

• Racial and ethnic minority communities

• Mental health

• Elderly

• Obesity

• LGBT Comm

• Homeless

• Migrants


1. Form a group of 3-4 students.

2. Select an aspect of the current issue under discussion that impacts the nursing profession.

Address this issue through the lens of the Community Nurse

3. Your presentation should:

• Consist of 8-10 slides in length, including the Title and Reference slides.

• Provide speaker notes for each slide except the Title and Reference slides.

4. Utilize the following bolded topics and sub-topics (required) to guide the flow of discussion in

your presentation.

• Define and describe the issue (1-2 slides)

* Explain why this is a nursing issue.

• Describe the background and history of the issue (2-3 slides)

• Perform a review of the literature (3-4 slides)

* Summarize what is known about the issue

* Discuss solutions to the issue as identified from the literature

• Conclusion. (1 slide)

5. Slides and Speaker Notes must be formatted using APA style. (Reminder: photos, drawings,

graphs, etc. when used on a slide must be cited to avoid violating copyright law).

6. Utilize course content, your textbooks, professional journal articles and professional websites

as references for your work. (A minimum of 8 professional references with at least 5 nursing

journal articles are required).

7. Submit your assignment electronically in the designated location.

8. Review the size of your file, and check with your instructor regarding any size limits for


Group Presentation Tips:
When submitting a PowerPoint written by multiple people, keep the following items
in mind:

• Keep format and font the same throughout the presentation.

• Make sure content flows between slides and avoid duplication of information.

• Each team member should be responsible for reading the completed presentation,
making sure format, grammar, format, and content are seamless and flow.

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