Week 8 discussion

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Review week 8 content and answer the following.

  1. Briefly discuss the H.A.L.T approach for resiliency and stress management. Give an example of how you can apply this? 
  2. Define imagery/visualization. How can the use of imagery techniques improve communication skills?
  3.  Provide an example of how you can incorporate Mindfulness into your daily routine to improve intra/interpersonal communication.
  4. Discuss how the course has enhanced your understanding of the therapeutic nurse/client relationship.

Attach your Interprofessional Meeting Analysis Assignment and discuss the following: 

  1. Provide a brief overview of the meeting you attended and your takeaways from the assignment.
  2. Highlight ideas/concepts that you will apply from the course to enhance your psychosocial and intra/interpersonal communication within professional relationships.

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