Module 04 assignment – country’s data presentation

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Module 04 Assignment – Country’s Data Presentation

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Module 04 Content


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Go to
and select one country (other than the U.S.) from the dropdown box. Thoroughly analyze the data that is shown for the selected country. Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in which you explain what the data shows and what it means for these categories:

· How is the population forecasted to change?

· How many older versus younger people are in the population, and how will these patterns change?

· How long do people live, and how will that change?

· What is the fertility trend now and in the future?

· How much is spent on health – now, and in the future – and from which sources?

· How well is this country or territory providing effective, essential health services?

· What causes the most deaths?

· What is the mortality trend in the under-5 and under-1 age groups?

· Where is child mortality the highest?

· What causes the most death and disability combined?

· How do causes of death and disability compare to those in other locations?

· What risk factors drive the most death and disability combined?

Include your ideas on how to improve the health of the citizens in this country. 

Slides should be a combination of graphs and a description the information derived from the graphs. Along with the body of your presentation, include a title slide, conclusion slide, and APA formatted reference slide. 

Make sure your research includes one additional article regarding the key factors on global health access, poverty and nutation, and food security.

LLS Resources

· PowerPoint

· PowerPoint Presentations and APA: citing sources and creating reference lists in PPT presentations

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