Disk herniation write up

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Please see attachment for instructions

CASE information: I have a case of an 82-year-old man you have provided care to for a few years presents. He comes with his daughter today with complaints of low back pain and change in the urine stream.

Patient suffers from
Herniated Disc. It is my definitive diagnosis for his low back pain and change in urine stream.

Please write about

prevalence of herniated disc (information on who it impacts typically, population, etc.)

clinical symptoms

cost of insurance and insurance information

lab and radiology


treatment plan

For the lab and radiology that you include, you will need to provide interpretation, to include what the high/low values are as well as common indications that occur with highs/lows. Further diagnostic tests, such as MRI or CT scan, may be needed to confirm the diagnosis and explain it. The workup should include the
appropriate lab work with rationale and interpretation, and a treatment plan (including any medications, education, follow-up plan) with supporting references.


APA format with intext citation

References at least
three high-level scholarly reference per post within in
the last 5 years.

Plagiarism free.

Turnitin receipt.


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