Research methodologies used in nursing research

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Nursing uses a large number of methods to be able to develop and achieve quality patient care. As research progresses and studies evolve, many research methods are designed to achieve these results. The learning process and the capacity of nurses to adapt this knowledge daily are crucial factors for nursing research strategies. Professional research is needed to outreach today’s world demands. Most of the research carried out in nursing is based on the problems that are faced daily. The answer to these problems is of vital importance. Nursing faces tremendous challenges today, and most need evidence-based solutions to make the right decisions. Patient treatment is delicate, and nursing errors can be extremely harmful (Merwin & Thornlow,2006). The clinical environment should be favored by constant research and development. Decision-making at critical moments has been one of the examples that could be presented as part of progress, where, based on these investigations, it has been possible to create decision algorithms that will benefit decision-making.

The research methodologies can be classified from the most basic to the philosophical level. There are two basic types of research, one of them is based on approach, and the other is based on Purpose. The Approach methodology classification uses quantitative, qualitative, or mixed Methods. Quantitative research is about identifying the problem base on numerical data; one example can be the prevalence of patients admitted to the ICU. Qualitative is more descriptive and is based on opinions, feelings, experiences, and subjective data, like the data collected in any study performer that involves a problem that can survey the patient to obtain a qualitative answer. The mixed is when the researcher cannot use either quantitative or qualitative methods to find a solution and needs to combine both (DeSantis & Ugarriza, 2000). 

I like the practical methods. Primary research is the term used to describe a technique where the fundamental is without a specific purpose. It is used as basic knowledge and helpful in developing theories and principles. Applied research is the most practical and functional because its focuses on the immediate solution to a specific problem. This is the method that is the most useful. The classification is based on categories like general (Quantitative and qualitative), Nature of the study ( descriptive and analytical), Purpose of the study (applied and fundamental), research design (exploratory and conclusive), and Data Type (primary and secondary). 


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