BUSI 885 Liberty Leadership Development & Organizational Change Research Method

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This goes right after the research portion that you are currently working on as we speak

Task 3: Methodology

This is a narrative assignment rather than a bullet point outline. You will post your submission in

the assignment text window, and as a word document. Title the word document as follows: Last


Your submission will include the following:

Title Block

 Last Name, First Name

 Cognate

 Research Track (Project or Dissertation)

 Research Paradigm

 Planned Research Design (Case Study, Correlational, etc.)

 Proposed Topic

Outline for this assignment:

 Introductory paragraph

 Discussion of Research Paradigm

 Discussion of Methodology

 Summary

 Reference Section

Discussion of Research Paradigm:

Begin with a theme sentence: “My research paradigm is XXX” Then discuss your research

paradigm and how this is likely to guide your study.

Discussion of Methodology:

Begin with a theme sentence: “This study will be conducted with a XXXXX design using XXXXX

method(s) specifically, a XXXXX design will be used”. Then discuss why this is the appropriate

methodology for your study.

Provide multiple citations from multiple authors to support factual assertions about the function of

the design and research paradigm. Reference your problem statement and research questions in

demonstrating why this is the correct methodology and how it fits with your research paradigm


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