Need to Answer in total 9 question. Need to be in APA format. Text citations and Reference required. Unit 6 Activity 5: The Manitoba Métis Federation’s claim for compensation. Debate on MMF compensat

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Need to Answer in total 9 question. Need to be in APA format. Text citations and Reference required.

Unit 6

Activity 5: The Manitoba Métis Federation’s claim for compensation.

  1. Debate on MMF compensation — Take the position of either the Manitoba Métis Federation, which is demanding compensation, or the government which is refusing. In your one-paragraph ‘rebuttal’ be sure to anticipate the opposition’s position so that you can refute it.(5)

Need to answer this question from below link

unit 7

Activity 3 Readings

Influential Canadian Egerton Ryerson (the educator for whom an Ontario university is named) is credited with creating the Ontario school system, upon which all other provincial school systems are historically based. Ryerson was in many ways an advocate for minority groups. For example, he lobbied for religious freedom for non-conformist religious groups (including Indigenous). He believed that education should be universal (accessible for all, instead of just the privileged few) and used as a mechanism for society’s improvement. He believed that education should be compulsory and should be built upon a moral base for effectiveness. Unfortunately, this belief led eventually to an Indian Education Policy that saw the need to educate Indigenous children separately. This was to counter-balance the perceived moral and skill deficits of Indigenous people relative to Euro-Canadian people. The idea was that once Indigenous people were ‘ready’ to be recognized as ‘civilized’ (i.e., ready for assimilation with Euro-Canadians) then the residential school system would be dismantled, and the children of Canada would all be educated together.

Study questions

  1. What did Ryerson believe were the two main goals or purposes of Indigenous Education in Canada?
  2. How are these two goals or purposes related to each other?

Need to answer from: Burnett & Read, pp. 244-257

Unit 8

Activity 1: Employment Allows Change and Continuity in Indigenous Cultures

Study questions

  1. a. It is sometimes assumed that after Contact and/or white settlement, Indigenous people quickly began to lose their cultures because they adopted white culture. How does this chapter show that this was not the case? How did participation in non-Indigenous industries allow Indigenous people to continue in their cultures in important ways?
  2. On the other hand, in what ways did contact and white settlement force important changes on Indigenous cultures?
  1. With reference to your readings,briefly list all of the challenges described that made it difficult for the B.C. First Nations to hunt and fish, and also to work.
  2. Given this list, briefly give your observation as to why dependence on welfare has come to be so common among Indigenous communities.
  3. How has Indigenous dependence on welfare created a stereotype and reinforced discrimination in our contemporary times?

Need to answer from : Burnett & Read, pp. 304-320.

Unit 9

Activity 4: Case Study—Elsie Knott and Indigenous Women in Politics

  1. Knott was accused of nepotism. Given what we’ve learned about poverty for Indigenous women, is it understandable that some Indigenous women in power (and men, for that matter) might look to nepotism as a means to financial security and/or survival? Why or why not?

Need to answer from: Burnett & Read, pp. 363-373.

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