CIS 200 CUNY Borough of Manhattan Foothills Animal Hospital Database Project

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Project 28. Page AYK17 -AYK19: Daily Invoice

Answer all questions 1-5 project focus

  1. Foothills Animal Hospital is a full-service small animal veterinary hospital located in Morrison, Colorado, specializing in routine medical care, vaccinations, laboratory testing, and surgery. The hospital has experienced tremendous growth over the past six months due to customer referrals. While Foothills Animal Hospital has typically kept its daily service records in a workbook format, it feels the need to expand its reporting capabilities to develop a relational database as a more functional structure.

Apply Your Knowledge *


Foothills Animal Hospital Daily

Invoice Report.

Foothills Animal Hospital needs help developing a database, specifically:

  • Create a customer table—name, address, phone, and date of entrance.
  • Create a pet table—pet name, type of animal, breed, gender, color, neutered/spayed, weight, and comments.
  • Create a medications table—medication code, name of medication, and cost of medication.
  • Create a visit table—details of treatments performed, medications dispensed, and date of the visit.
  • Produce a daily invoice report.Figure AYK.2 displays a sample daily invoice report that the Foothills Animal Hospital accoun- tants have requested. Foothills Animal Hospital organizes its treatments using the codes displayed in Figure AYK.3. The entities and primary keys for the database have been identified in Figure AYK.4.The following business rules have been identified:
  1. A customer can have many pets but must have at least one.
  2. A pet must be assigned to one and only one customer.
  3. A pet can have one or more treatments per visit but must have at least one.
  4. A pet can have one or more medications but need not have any.

Project Focus

Your job is to complete the following tasks:

1. Develop and describe the entity-relationship diagram.
2. Use normalization to assure the correctness of the tables (relations).

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