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Apple Case Paper outline

Case background ( facts)….5 pts

Problem definition and discussion of issues…..10 pts

Case analysis (customer, competition, market, value creation and capture, supplier strategy, innovation, sustainable competitive advantage, financial, substitutes etc. etc.) from a Supply chain and business strategy perspective….25 points

Alternatives / Recommendation …….10 points


Some key Issues to be analyzed and explored in the Apple Case
1. Review Apple’s supply chain for its IPhone products. What differences set it apart from its competitors? What is the core value prop and how does Apple deliver that

2. What are Apple’s key advantages in how it manages its supply chain operations? Support your analysis w data, facts and analysis from the case.

3. What are the challenges that Apple faces in the future, and what are the implications for its supply chain?

4. As Jessica Grant, what recommendations would you make to the company’s VP Phil Duchene and why?

5. How does Apple’s supply chain differ from Walmart’s supply chain( value creation, competitive advantage etc. etc. etc.)

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