Pick a human service organization to research. Here are the instructions for the paper Running head: SHORTENED TITLE OF PAPER 1 TITLE OF PAPER FIRST AND LAST NAME Fayetteville State University Title o

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Pick a human service organization to research. Here are the instructions for the paper


Title of PaperFor this paragraph, introduce your agency. Provide and introduction to your paper by briefly describing what you will be writing about in this paper. A good introduction for this paper should be approximately 4-5 sentences.

Here I would like you to describe to me the population this agency serves, what their mission is, the different services they provide, their location, if they are for-profit or non-profit, approximately how many employees they have, and their funding sources. If you look at the first paragraph of Page 7 on your syllabus, there is a list of questions that you could answer here. You do not have to answer all of the questions listed in the syllabus. I am looking for an overall “snap shot” of the agency. Why This Agency Was Selected

For this section, I want you to discuss why you chose to volunteer at this agency. Is it because you are passionate about their mission? Do you feel a connection to the population they serve? Did you choose them out of convenience?Positive Attributes About the Agency

Here I want you to discuss what aspects of this organization that you like. Negative Attributes About the AgencyWere there any negative aspects about this organization that you found? Don’t worry, I won’t be sharing what you write to anyone  Feel free to express yourself! How to Improve The OrganizationReflect on what you would change about this organization in order to better service the population.

SHORTENED TITLE OF PAPER 3What You Learned About this Agency During Your SearchUnder this heading, I would like you to reflect on what you learned through out the process of conducting your research. If you cannot think of any learning experiences to reflect on, here are some ideas: Did you learn anything new about the population they serve? Were there any social issues that were brought to your attention while you were completing your research? Did you learn anything about the region they are located?

ConclusionWrap up your reflection paper! Provide a summary that is similar to your introduction. You can also write any concluding thoughts you may have. A conclusion that is 4-5 sentences


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