Excel Project (Multiple Worksheets): Download the attached Excel file (MIS 303 Excel New Proj.xlsx). Instructions: There are 3 Worksheet Tabs in this Excel file; First Term GPA, First Q Income, and Mi

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Excel Project (Multiple Worksheets): Download the attached Excel file (MIS 303 Excel New Proj.xlsx).Instructions: There are 3 Worksheet Tabs in this Excel file; First Term GPA, First Q Income, and Minivan Purchase.

  1. The First Term GPA tab shows the 5 courses that a student took in Fall 2022 with their grades and credit hours. For this tab,

    • GPA Calculation:

      • 1. Calculate the GPA (F9) for this semester using the given Grades. (15 points)
    • Conditional Formatting:

      • 2. If a “Grade” is greater than 3.5, change the cell color to Red with Yellow font color. (5 points)
    • Goal Seek Analysis:

      • 3. What should be the grade for ENGL 200 if you wish the GPA to be equal to 3.5? (10 points)
    • Sparkline

      • 4. Create a Sparkline for the “Grades” in cell B12. (5 points)
  2. The First Q Income tab shows the Income Statement for a supply company in the first quarter of this year. For this tab:

    • Complete the worksheet (B7 through E14) with the given data (figures listed under the “Facts”). (4 points for each row, total of 32 points)
    • Create a 3-D Pie Chart, similar to the given screenshot, using the Net Income of Lang’s Company. Then replace the image (screenshot) with the 3-D Pie Chart. (8 points)
  3. The Minivan Purchase tab shows the information that is needed to buy a Minivan for the above supply company. For this tab,

    • Review the instructions on the top of the worksheet carefully.
    • Calculate the Monthly Payment (B15) for the car loan based on the given information. (15 points)
    • If the Lang’s Supply Company wants to pay off the minivan loan faster, by paying every other week, how much do they have to pay bi-weekly (B16)? (5 points)

Add your full name on the lower left side of the spreadsheet as shown. (5 points)

You should have ONE Excel file with 3 worksheet tabs. So, do not make any other formatting changes to this file.Make sure to have all formulas where needed. Missing any single formula will cost you points. Using numbers instead of cell references in your formulas will cost you points. Not having absolute Cell References, where needed, will cost you points. Upload your Excel file into Bb for grading by the deadline.Unlike regular Weekly Assignments, you only have one attempt for uploading your project. So, do not rush and when you are certain that your project is complete and ready, then upload your file before the deadline.


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