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PLEASE!! READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLYThe course project MUST be in APA 6th edition format and contain the following sections, with headings/sub-headings:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Marketing Plan
  5. Organizational Plan
  6. Financial Analysis Summary
  7. Performance Measurement and Management Plan
  8. References/Citations

Executive Summary – write this section of your business plan last. The executive summary gives a high-level overview of your entire project, start to finish.

Marketing Plan – The marketing plan discusses the details of the daVinci system and how it was implemented. For this section, concentrate on the 4P’s of Marketing:

  • (1)Product: product details, life cycle information, etc.,
  • (2)Price: how much did the product cost to purchase, service agreements, etc.,
  • (3)Promotion: advertising strategies, public relations, etc., and
  • (4)Place: how will this help market share/placement, service to the community, etc.

Organizational Plan – What/who within the organization was affected by the implementation of the daVinci Surgical Robot? Who was responsible for what?

  • What departments will do what?
  • What are the departments’ capabilities and capacities?
  • Existing staff and workload?
  • Hiring of more permanent staff?
  • Contracting and temporary labor?
  • Training?
  • Compliance?

Financial Analysis Summary – The financial analysis section is a sound discussion of your excel financial workbook. For this section, discuss the overall financial picture of the hospital both before and after the implementation of the daVinci system. Key items to include in the summary are (not limited to; add others as needed):

  • (1)Occupancy rate
  • (2)Average length of stay
  • (3)Operating margin: (total revenue – total expenses)/total revenue
  • (4)Average collection period, average daily sales
  • (5)Changes (Increases and decreases) in volume
  • (6)Changes (Increases and decreases) in revenue and expense
  • (7)Overall impact of the daVinci system

I’ll include the excel sheet requirements which is connected to this part but I’m working on the excel so you don’t have to do anything with it just look at it (just for you to understand and make it easier

Performance Measurement and Management – In this section, you monitor the system implementation and make some decisions on how you plan to proceed in the future. Things to consider may include:

  • (1)Routine reports and/or benchmarking.
  • (2)Corrective actions/activities to keep things on task.
  • (3)Did the strategies that you implemented work? Yes or no, why or why not?
  • (4)Do have the resources to continue or try different alternatives?
  • (5)What would make things better in the future? How could things be changed to make things run more smoothly?
  • (6)What recommendations or changes would you make for: human resources, capabilities, capacity, leadership, patient focus, etc.?

References/Citations – as needed. MUST be in the appropriate APA format.

Additional Comments: My general comments, guidance, suggestions…

At some point in your Healthcare Management career, you will be asked to step into a decision-making role. That decision may not involve a large scale equipment/process implementation such as the daVinci surgical system, but it will surely impact you and other departments around you. The goal of this project is to make you think strategically about all aspects of the decision making process, and what elements are used in supporting that decision.

* The required format is APA 6th. Formatting is important, as well as the usual grammar, punctuation and overall writing ability necessary for today’s professional environment. Dot your ‘I’s’, cross your ‘T’s’ and spell things correctly…make it flow. The easiest way to catch things is by using the ‘spelling and grammar check’ function on the review tab. It also helps to take a break and look at things later with ‘fresh eyes’.

Creativity is the name of the game here. The key question is ‘what would you do?’ if you had to make these decisions. Google it, find scholarly articles, use your textbook, etc. to draft your professional management position for this project. Have fun with it…

Length: 7 to 10 pages (if you do the minimum, references and cover letter should not count with the 7p)

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