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You will be writing a business plan. Please respond with 12
font time roman, citations, and references. Please follow the  instructions below:

A key to writing business plan is to clearly
outline the contents of your business plan as follows:

1.  Begin with a cover
sheet with the title of your project, date of submission, your name, and
your email address.

2.  Construct a one
page Table of Contents which outlines the sections of your business plan.

3.  Write an
“Introduction” section of the business plan. This will include a description of
your project and a brief statement of how you see the project fitting into
your program of studies and areas of professional interest. This should be
1-2 pages in length.

4.  Write an “Expected
Outcomes or Alternatives” section. Describe the expected outcomes
or alternatives that you anticipate from completing this business plan.
This may be speculative at this point in time, but we simply wish you to
consider what outcomes you deem possible from this assignment. You should
also comment here on the personal and/or organizational benefits that may
likely flow from completing this business plan. This should be 1-3 pages in

5.  Write a “Key to
Business Plan Success” section. This should be a brief statement of what
you believe would make your business plan a success. If you were asked to
evaluate this business plan at this point in the process, what criteria
would you recommend as being useful in conducting such an evaluation.

6.  Write a “Business
Description”. Here you will paint a vivid a picture of your company’s
vision and the breakthrough idea your plan offers to the market.

Identify any special skills you possess which enable you to
ensure the success of your plan.

Include any personal incentives for starting this business

Discuss any previous experience you possess in creating and
operating a business in your chosen industry.

Write a brief industry analysis, with a discussion of existing
competition, a SWOT analysis of your business. 

Write a detailed rational for selecting this type of business,
insight into how it aligns with previous course work and your future

7.  This should be 4-5
pages in length.

For informational purposes only below is a summary of my project
company  idea Please do not copy or paste
from summary  complete  your own words.

My Company  project is
listed below:

Overview: Catering Capers will be a new business to offer catering services to
people in corporate functions, weddings, funerals, holiday parties and birthday
parties. The business will help the people to enjoy their parties at the lowest
possible rates by handling their eating and drinking themselves.

Catering business is growing very speedily and famous in delicate industries
because it involves abundant cooking for a large number of people. In U.S.,
there are more than 10,000 listed caterers that have employed above 150,000
employees (Hill, n.d). The
reason is this, there are numerous opportunities for caterers in this field all
over the world. Almost, catering business in U.S. counts for $7 Billion
profits. There is hardly a party or event that do not need catering services.

or non-profit: Catering Capers is a nonprofit company because its major is not
only to make money but to serve the community with the lowest rates and also providing
homes, jobs and health facilities to poor people or employees. The company also
involves in social service and create jobs for graduates.

market: Schools, wedding centers, houses, organizations, sports centers, event
planners (Mplans, 2016).

and marketing strategy: Recruiting experienced staff for sales and marketing,
direct or referral marketing, online marketing, promotion of products, adopting
guerilla marketing strategies, regular training

Employees and shareholders are internal stakeholders and customers, government,
communities, partners, suppliers, creditors are external stakeholders.

Answer the following for the corresponding Case Study Scenario


Answer the following for the corresponding Case Study Scenario.Each scenario should be answered in a total of 175 words.

Scenario 1: Staffing Management

Determine a recruitment method and sources would you use and explain your decision.

Assess what type of interview would work best when hiring someone in an entrepreneurial environment.

Determine whether or not you would use selection tests.

Scenario 2: Training and Development

Choose training and/or development programs to implement in order to keep operations employees loyal to the organization.

Evaluate the training methods you would use.

Scenario 3: Employee Relations

Assess the discipline steps to take.Determine how you would apply positive discipline.

Determine the just-cause standards you should verify before termination.

Scenario 4: Workplace Health and Safety

Assess the benefits of a wellness program.

Summarize the components you would include in the wellness program.

Scenario 5: Labor Relations/Unionization

Describe the process employees need to take in order to unionize.

Explain the rights of employees.

Assess what an employer can legally do to prevent unionization.

Scenario 6: Motivation

Explain two motivational theories.

Determine which theory would work best in this scenario to help motivate employees.

A1 Business and Technical College Excel Worksheet


FGV System Recommendation Paper


As the business analyst in the CIO’s department of Maryland Technology Consulting (MTC), your next task in working towards an IT solution to improve the hiring process at MTC is to write a justification and implementation plan for a system that the CIO has decided will meet MTC’s needs. The system, EZ-ATS, is described in the vendor brochure provided with this assignment. The vendor, UMUC Hiring Solutions, Inc., and EZ-ATS are fictitious names created for use with this case study but based on real-world SaaS application information. In this Stage 4 assignment, you will explain how the selected system meets MTC’s requirements, and what needs to be done to implement the system within MTC.

Section IV of the Business Analysis and System Recommendation Report will explain how the selected system helps MTC achieve its strategy, improve its hiring process, and meet its system requirements, and you will explain how each implementation area might be addressed to help ensure a successful implementation of the technology solution.

Using the case study, assignment instructions, vendor brochure, Course readings (in particular, Implementing a SaaS Solution and Developing a System Proposal)and external research, develop your Section IV. System Recommendation. Approximate lengths for each section are provided as a guideline; be sure to provide all pertinent information.

IV. System Recommendation

A. System Justification

Provided with the Stage 4 Assignment Instructions is a brochure that describes an IT solution that the CIO has selected, with the HR Director’s endorsement, to meet the needs of improving MTC’s hiring process. In Stage 1, you analyzed the strategy and objectives for MTC and how a technology solution to improve the hiring process would contribute. In Stage 2, you analyzed how to improve the hiring process with a technology solution, and in Stage 3 you identified specific requirements. After reviewing the EZ-ATS Brochure, briefly describe the selected solution. Then, describe how that selected solution aligns with achieving the strategy, improves the process, and meets the requirements. Write two to three clear, concise, well-organized paragraphs to summarize this assessment. Don’t just repeat information from previous stages but synthesize this information and provide strong information and justification to explain why this proposed solution is a good fit for MTC. Remember you are writing a report to your boss, the CIO of MTC, that he can use to convince the leadership team why this is the best solution based on your analysis.

B. Implementation Areas

To successfully implement this technology solution, MTC will need to develop an Implementation Plan and below is a list of key implementation areas that should be included. First, provide a brief introduction to this section – what it contains and why an Implementation Plan is so important for MTC. Then address each of the seven (7) areas below to explain what MTC needs to do (with support by the vendor). Below the numbered heading, write one to two paragraphs to address the area. The sub-areas (a,b,c, etc.) contain questions and areas to help guide your thinking about what should be covered and should be incorporated within your response to the major category. For an explanation of the implementation areas, refer to the Week 7 Reading “Implementing a SaaS Solution”. The vendor brochure provides information for some of these areas, but you need to include what MTC must doas well. Remember you are writing this section to help MTC plan for a successful implementation. It is not sufficient to just indicate “Vendor provides”or “employees need to be trained.” In addition to incorporating course content, external research on implementation areas will strengthen your understanding and explanation. The goal for this section is to help MTC know what needs to happen in each area to help support a successful implementation of EZ-ATS.

  1. Vendor agreement (MTC must enter into a contractual agreement with the vendor before full implementation. This identifies responsibilities as well as costs.) Incorporate answers to the following questions in your paragraph – do not include the questions themselves.
    1. What does the vendor require from MTC to be able to start using the system?
    2. How much will it cost to get access to and configure the system for MTC’s use?
    3. How much will it cost per month to support 60 system users?
    4. What option is offered for MTC to just try out the system to see how it works?
  2. Hardware and telecommunications(Although this is a SaaS solution, MTC must ensure that its IT infrastructure can support the use of the system and that its employees can correctly access the system.) Include the following:
    1. List the types of hardware MTC employees can use to access the system.
    2. Identify what kind of telecommunications will be used for the solution, including local connectivity inside MTC and Internet access from outside MTC.
  3. Configuration(Even SaaS solutions require a degree of configuration for each client. What needs to be done to implement the MTC job requisitions, workflow, reports, terminology and/or logo/graphics?) Include the answers to the questions below, but not the questions themselves.
    1. What options does the vendor offer for configuring the off-the-shelf system to MTC’s needs?
    2. How will the configuration be done and by whom?
  4. 4.Testing
    1. Once MTC has signed up and configured the system, how will it test the system to see if it is working properly for its needs? Describe how MTC will conduct User Acceptance Testing. (This would be a good area for you to research.)
    2. Choose one of the user requirements (listed in Section III of your BA&SR Report) and explain how that requirement will be specifically tested to ensure it is working properly and the requirement is met.
  5. Employee preparation and support– Identify what MTC should do in each area below to prepare the employees (including the hiring managers in the various departments) for the introduction and use of the new applicant tracking system. Identify who (by their title or role) should do what in each area. (Incorporate information from Course readings on Leadership and Change Management.)
    1. Leadership (2-3 sentences)
    2. Change Management (2-3 sentences)
    3. Training (2-3 sentences)
    4. User Support (2-3 sentences)
  6. Data Migration–Consider what existing data (applications in process with the manual process) would need to be entered into the system to get started and how this might be accomplished.
  7. Maintenance– How will updates and enhancements to the EZ-ATS system be made? What will the vendor be responsible for and what should MTC address? Again, provide the information, but not the questions themselves.

(Note:A free trial period does not suffice as software testing)

Summary and Conclusion: Close your Business Analysis and System Recommendation Report with a summary of the key points including the benefits MTC can expect to gain from this solution and the alignment with strategic objectives. (One well-written paragraph).Don’t just repeat information presented earlier but put it in context of a conclusion to provide a strong finish to this report. Just as your introduction informed your reader about why you’re writing and what’s to come, the conclusion should provide a clear and concise final paragraph to reinforce/emphasize key points and a compelling argument for the chosen solution – and it should urge the reader to take action.

Miller Building supplies case study


First, read Chapter 6 and Case 3: Miller Building Supplies in your textbook, and then watch the brief video Working Capital Video Definition.

You are the CFO of Miller Building Supplies. Using the financial exhibits at the end of the case study to determine the working capital required and actual level for each quarter of the year for the firm, address the following in your initial post:

  • What challenges does Miller Building Supplies face in establishing a monthly cash budget?
  • What would a cash budget provide Miller Building Supplies, if completed successfully?
  • What are some working capital options that might improve the firm’s cash position and profit?
  • How might the company’s accounts receivable choices impact the company?

In a one- to two-paragraph response to at least two of your classmates, comment on their answers. What improvements or challenges did they identify that you had perhaps not thought of? Provide any other short-term recommendations you can think of to improve the firm’s cash budgeting.

Module 03 Course Project – Time, Cost, and Resources Management


In this section of your project you will break down your project
tasks into the knowledge areas studied in this and previous units and
provide the following:

  • A budget with cost breakdowns (You may prefer to use the templates for Budget Plan provided)
    Excel Budget Plan Template
  • A schedule to include any critical paths that might exist and/or any dependencies between specific tasks. (You may prefer to use the templates for Project Schedule provided)
    Excel Project Schedule Template
  • Provide the instructor with a resource plan for your project. (You may use the templates for Resource Plan provided)
    Excel Resource Plan Template
  • In a paper that is a minimum of 3 pages long, based on your calculations found using the provided templates, what is the total budget for this project? According to this analysis, identify clearly and concisely at least three areas where you see potential cost savings.
  • For each of these areas of opportunity using your understanding of the project, explain a potential change in plan to reduce costs in the project. When making recommendations for cost reductions how can you ensure these cost reductions are in the best interest of the company, i.e. you aren’t sacrificing quality in order to cut costs.
  • Your submission should follow the essentials of APA (i.e.,

    cover page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, reference section at the end,

    in-text citations, etc.).

    MG 498 Why Would Microsoft Purposely Lose Money on Their xBox Questions


    Xbox vs Playstation

    No unread replies.No replies.

    For this assignment, you will listen to Season 11 of the Business Wars podcast Xbox vs Playstation and answer the questions below. You are free to use any podcast steaming service, or follow the links provided. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

    Q1: Why would Microsoft purposely lose money on their xBox? What other companies have used the same strategy?

    Q2: Why did Microsoft and Sony both get blindsided by Nintendo Wii?

    Q3: Why would Microsoft and Nintendo push for crossplay?

    Q4: What is one single lesson you are taking away from this story?

    Discussion Board Participation and Requirements: Each discussion board requires that you make two posts. Your first post is worth 15 points and will be your initial response to the assignment. The second post is worth 10 points and is your response to the assignment after hearing from your classmates. This is your chance to dig a little deeper. Did your opinion change? Did you gain any additional insights? Any new takeaways?

    NOTE NEED response to the assignment after hearing from your classmates.

    ADM 626 GCU Local Government Discussion


    Complete all questions in assignment section of Module. Assignments can be completed in Word documents and/or Excel spreadsheets.

    CMR 302 Miami University Financing Operations and Cash Budget Project


    Download and complete the test. Submit by the due date.

    Test 3 Spring 20.docx


    Use to complete Day Care breakeven analysis

    Breakeven template 103018-8.xls

    Use to complete the Cash Budget

    car detail business-3.xls

    cash budget non-seasonal 12 month forecast master-3.xls

    Due via Canvas

    Test doc

    Breakeven analysis spreadsheet BE1 and BE 2 and pros/cons document

    Cash budget spreadsheet and answers to questions

    flex path action plan about 6 to 8 paragraphs only template attached


    also must be specific no general answers that sound like you are just trying to finish the assignment

    Earlier in this orientation, you learned how FlexPath works and what’s expected of you as a FlexPath learner. For this assessment, you will create a personal FlexPath Action Plan. Creating this plan will give you the opportunity to reflect on what you’ve learned, consider your strengths and anticipated challenges, and develop a plan to put your decisions into action.

    Remember that this plan is for you. Creating it will help you:

    • Recognize the knowledge, skills, and strengths you bring to your FlexPath experience.
    • Gain clarity about expectations and habits you may need to change to succeed in FlexPath.
    • Create a realistic plan for fitting FlexPath course work into your life.
    • Prepare for your first meeting with your FlexPath coach.
    • Begin your first academic course feeling empowered and ready to deal with challenges.