Introduction of econometric project


ECON 310 Brock University Economics of Healthcare Demand Paper


need 2 independent variable and 1 dependent variable which is Supported by economic theory

ECON 4260 Realism Mercantilism and Neomercantilism Essay


1.First describe the basic ideas of each of the following perspectives: realism, mercantilism and neomercantilism. How are these three perspectives similar and how are they different? What were Alexander Hamilton’s views on how the U.S. could best develop (read both the text and the handout by Hamilton). How important was neomercantilism after WWII? How important is the neomercantilist perspective in more recent years?

Research (4 points for #1 and 4 points for #2 and 2 points for #3)

1.What are the KIEOs? What problems have they each confronted, and how have their roles changed over time?

2.Identify the East Asian NIEs and the BRIC economies. Why are these economies of interest? For each BRIC economy, what is their current economic growth rate (percent change in GDP)? Use a table to report growth rates.

3.What is the main argument that hegemonic stability theorists have to support the presence of hegemonic states?