JBK Economics Impact of Income Inequality on Poverty Essay

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Submit in one single file the following sections:

1. List of all data sources and relevant url(s) where raw data can be accessed

2. A screen capture showing your combined .csv or .xlsx file containing your

project’s data

3. Summary descriptions from your data set (your .csv file), i.e., number of

observations, relevant variables.

1. Clearly identify which variables are dependent and


4. Codebook (explanation of each column/variable in your .csv)

5. Summary statistics of relevant variables.

6. Relevant plots.

7. All R code used to import data into R and transform variables (if applicable),

to create summary statistics and graphs. If you did any transformation of the

data in excel include a step-by-step description of what you did. (If you use

RMarkdown the code will be embedded in sections 4 & 5)

Additional instructions

The goal of the data report is to have your data R-ready for regression analysis.

Although the emphasis is on preliminary analysis of your data, spend time formatting

tables and graphs. Some of these tables and graphs will be included as an appendix at

the end of your paper.

Note: If you do submit OLS regression summaries, I will provide feedback on those as


NOTE : examples of assignment attached


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