Discussion of Invictus

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For HW last week, you were to watch a movie and take some notes. This discussion assignment is designed to be used with the Week 2 video and has TWO parts. Please watch the video and pause while you write each of your responses below — refer to the movie in your responses; be as specific as possible:


Part ONE: Your Responses (from HW — you may cut and paste excerpts from your Homework)

  1. What are THREE words you would use to describe your feelings about Nelson Mandela?
  2. What important problem did Mandela face coming into office? 
  3. We judge that a problem is important by its IMPACT: who was impacted by this problem?
  4. What may have caused the problem?
  5. What did he try in order to solve or mitigate it?
  6. Ultimately, what solution worked best?
  7. How did he implement it?
  8. We can not always solve a problem; sometimes, however, we can mitigate it: how do you know if he succeeded in either solving or mitigating it? 


Invictus Movie Notes

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Invictus Movie Notes

The problems that Mandle faced

Mandela faces discrimination and is insulted. After seeing that Mandela has been released, the rugby coach shakes his head in disgust. The coach continues to say that they have let the terrorist out. He refers to the blacks as dogs. There was fear and hatred between the whites and the blacks.

Causes of that problem

The cause of the problem was the power struggle between the ANC and the black rivals. The government had been providing arms to these groups, which resulted in problems. The whites had been oppressing the blacks for a very long time. The white government treated the blacks unfairly and locked them in cells if they tried to resist. They drove them away from their homes and forced them to live a life of suffering.

What did he try to solve it or mitigate it (make it better)

Mandela tried to bring peace between the groups. He encouraged them to throw their weapons into the sea. He tried to end the oppression of one another. He told the whites working for the old government that their color wasn’t a disqualification for the job. Mandela was determined to end discrimination; he hired white officers to be his bodyguards, which he considered their qualifications and not their color. He emphasized reconciliation and forgiveness.

What was the ultimate solution he came to?

Mandela decided to become the President of South Africa to change South Africa’s history of being the skunk of the world. He arranged a rugby match between England and the Springboks. He was determined to bring equality between white South Africans and black South Africans. Mandela decided to lead as an example to the rest of the people. President Mandela saw the world as an opportunity to unite the nation.

How did he implement it?

Mandela went against the wish of people to eliminate the name Springboks and replace it with Proteas since it is a team representing the apartheid. He said he was ready to risk his political capital since he was ready to show the people of South Africa what was right and wrong. He ordered them to restore Springboks’s name, color, and emblem because it would confirm their fears. He urged the people to be compassionate, restrained, and generous. He encouraged the Springboks captain to be inspired so that they could build their nation.

President Mandela started supporting the Springboks. President Mandela arranged for coaching clinics for the rugby team in townships all over the country so that they could help those who love rugby. In these clinics, the white players would mix with the black children to help them get along and bring unity. He implemented the “one team, one country” campaign.

Mandela gave Pienaar a poem towards the bid day to help with inspiration. He looked for ways to defeat the All Blacks rugby team; he said South Africa was hungry for greatness.

What are the ways you know it worked?

The name, color, and emblem of the Springboks were not eliminated. The sports executive probably saw some sense in what President Mandela had discussed with them. They believed in his leadership and decisions. The captain for Springboks got inspired by the words of President Mandela, and he was inspired to go for the World Cup victory. After the President requested coaching clinics, the rugby coach sided with the President and urged the other players to get used to the changing times.

During a match against Australia, the Springboks won the match. They received a lot of inspiration and encouragement from Mandela. In a match against Samoa, the Springboks won. They also won the match against France.

Pienaar started sympathizing with Mandela; he wondered how a man could spend 30 years locked in a tiny cell and still be ready to forgive the people who put him there. It was a win situation for South Africa; with the support and encouragement from the President, the Springboks won the World Cup.


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