Central Florida Institute Palm Harbor Economic Growth and Carbon Emission Essay

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Economic growth is often seen as the fundamental cause of problems associated with global warming. In this five to seven page essay, briefly outline how economic growth has contributed to increases in carbon dioxide emissions. How do the free rider problem and the presence of negative externalities make it difficult to design the appropriate global policies to limit greenhouse emissions? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about our ability to deal with global warming?

Some suggestions

Make sure you cover all the issues asked for in this essay prompt,

1.Explain the link between economic growth and increasing carbon dioxide emissions.

2.Discuss and explain the free rider problem and negative externalities and the relation of these concepts to global warming.

3.Discuss possible solutions to global warming, and explain why you are optimistic or pessimistic.

There is no need to use any sources beyond what has been assigned in the syllabus.

You can cite a source by using parentheses (author, page number) in the text.

Make sure you include a bibliography.


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