Analysis of Gender Inequality Index

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Study the Gender Inequality Index (GII), as developed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The index is included in the Human Development Report. You can access the latest report at The Human Development Report site Links to an external site..   

You can download the 2021-22 Human Development Report at:  hdr2021-22pdf_1.pdf ( to an external site.

  • As part of the Statistical Annex of the Human Development Report, there is Table 5, Gender Inequality Index. This table presents a composite measure of gender inequality using three dimensions: reproductive health, empowerment, and the labor market. Reproductive health is measured by two indicators: the maternal mortality ratio and the adolescent birth rate. Empowerment is measured by the share of parliamentary seats held by women and the shares of the population with at least some secondary education by gender. The labor market is measured by participation in the labor force by gender. A low GII value indicates low inequality between women and men, and vice-versa. 

Assignment: is to find the values and the world ranks of GII for the United States and to compare them to the values and rankings of Austria and Haiti. Which factors do you think explain the differences between these countries in terms of the values and the rankings of their respective GII?

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