Econometric project

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Our aim is to set you to conduct original econometric analysis and writing, perhaps for an honors thesis, perhaps for an ECON 191 paper, or for other pursuits.

The final deliverable for this short project is one page of written text in paragraphs that: 

explains a specific empirical question

describes data you will use to answer this question

discusses what your analysis finds, and maybe also what it set out to find

  1. One page means just one page of legible text. You can and probably should include additional pages with a figure or table, references if appropriate, and any appendices. One figure or table is required. But the first page should tell your entire story outlined above in items 1, 2, and 3, with callouts to the figure or table and appendices, etc.

Below are specific instructions for the three deliverables that we need from you during the term:

The research question — in the form of three sentences

  1. The question you seek to answer

The data you will examine to answer it

What you think you will find

  1. A revised version of the research question if appropriate, otherwise resubmit the same

The final short project

You should consult the suggested format below and the rubric, which will be visible on bCourses

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