ECON 157 UCI Economics Worksheet

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2. Stock Quotes. Go to and get trading quotes for IBM. (LO7-1)

a.What is the latest stock price and market cap?

b.What is the bid-ask spread?

c. What is IBM’s dividend payment and dividend yield?

d. What is IBM’s P/E ratio?

6. Valuation by Comparables. Look up the P/E and P/B ratios for American Electric Power

(ticker symbol AEP), using Yahoo! Finance or another online source. Calculate the same ratios

for the following potential comparables: Duke Energy (DUK), FirstEnergy Corporation (FE),

PG&E Corporation (PCG), CenterPoint Energy (CNP), and Southern Company (SO). Are the

ratios for these electric companies tightly grouped or scattered? If you didn’t know AEP’s stock

price, would the comparables give a good estimate? (LO7-2)

7.Valuation by Comparables. Valuation by comparables worked much better for some of the

companies in Table 7.3 than for others. Update the table using data from Yahoo! Finance.

Do you still find that valuation by comparables works well or badly for the same companies?


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