ECO 2023 Miami Dale College Macroeconomics Article Essay

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The following ideas may help you to give your Essay a structure, for your selected Article, within at the most from 7 to 10 most important highlighted economic concepts. You may use the following structure that guide your Assignments: 1) Introduce your Essay with an Article’s summary. 2) What is the article’s main idea? Explain / Summarize in your own words what is the article writing it’s about. 3) What it the issue at hand, what is the author’s point of view, how is the author substantiating his opinion on the matter? 4) Want to get an “A” then use other sources if desired to talk about the same topic and expand the author’s article. And highlight the key concept from the first Day Class to the last Day Class of the lesson. 5) You can end it by providing your opinion on the matter. Explain the main concepts, even though, do you believe the article is right/wrong and why, is there any right/wrong on this matter?

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