UAS Economics Money and Monetary Policy Discussion

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Topic/s of Primary Focus: Money and Monetary Policy

(May also include content from previous topics.)

, you will refer primarily to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s May 

2022 Monetary Policy Decision media release, available at the below link:…

The minutes of that meeting may also be of use for further context:…


 you are asked to provide your own analysis of the RBA’s May 

2022 Monetary Policy decision. 

This must be in your own words, and reflect you own understanding and application of 

course content.

As part of this analysis, ensure that you include and focus on the following:

  • The reasons for the RBA’s decision, including reference to various economic 

variables and what they indicate about the state of the economy and what 

policies might be appropriate.

  • What the policy position, particularly the main position around the cash rate 

target, means in terms of the RBA’s implementation, and how that is 

transmitted to impact economic activity.

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