SUNYB House House Prices and Runs Thesis Paper

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Go through all the reading and requirement in the file!!!

The paper should be about five pages long, DOUBLE-SPACED. If your paper is shorter than that, it probably does not have everything that I want. If it is much longer than that, it is more than I want. It should be structured as a paper. It must have an introductory paragraph that introduces the topic and previews what you are going to say about it. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence that tells the reader what that paragraph is about.

You should make specific references to relevant things in the readings, and quote from the readings as appropriate. If you fail to refer to something in one of the readings that is relevant for the assigned topic, I will reduce your grade on the paper. From my point of view, one point of the paper is to test whether you did all the readings and read attentively.

The title of the paper is “House prices and runs.”

The 2008 financial crisis was characterized by “runs” on many types of financial intermediaries. The ultimate cause of these runs was a drop in house prices. Trace out the channels through which a drop in house prices caused runs on financial intermediaries. Make sure you discuss all the types of financial intermediaries that were hit by runs and that you make clear how the run on a type of financial intermediary was ultimately caused by the drop in house prices.

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