Replies for peers. Need two Response Per Each Discussion Total 14 Responses. Attached Are The Discussions And Rubric Please Follow Them. Posts Will Be A Minimum Of 100 Words, APA Format.One Reference Per Each Discussion

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Elizabeth Gonzalez

I was motivated to become a PMHNP based on two main pictures. The first picture involved a caregiver comforting an adult patient. The image enabled me to understand the role and responsibility of a PMHNP. The main role of the PMHNP is to comfort patients (Abram & Forbes, 2019). To do this, they must understand the patient’s situation and empathize with them so they can know what they are going through, whether it is a physical or mental illness. They also need to treat patients with respect while maintaining their professional demeanor and attitude.

The second picture illustrates the importance of maintaining and accessing good mental health. The second picture assisted me in looking forward and investing in research and development to provide awarenesses of cognitive challenges and how to reduce and manage various mental disorders and illnesses. The role of PMHNP is vital in ensuring that patients are aware of their mental health and its importance. By educating them on how to maintain their mental health, they will understand why it’s important to take care of themselves so they can lead healthy lives. This way, they can prevent depression or anxiety disorders from developing into full-blown illnesses, which could affect their physical health too. 

Are the pictures different?

My pictures and the pictures provided are similar in many ways. The first pictures in the two categories are identical since they comfort the patient. The PMHNP should ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure and encourage them to participate. They also need to be aware of any possible complications or side effects that may arise during the process. The pictures showing the bulb-like structure indicate that a PMHNP provides awareness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. PMHNP needs to provide information about pain management techniques, such as breathing and relaxation techniques so that patients can better cope with the discomfort associated with the side effects of medicines and surgery (Peterson, Pittenger, Kaas & Lounsbery, 2019).

Idalmis Lopez

My journey to becoming a PMHNP began with a personal interest in mental health, which I discovered through my own struggles with anxiety and depression. As a young adult, I was determined to pursue a career in the field and provide care to those dealing with similar issues (Mangano,2020). After much research, I decided that a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) program was the best fit for me.

My journey to becoming a PMHNP was long, but it was worth it. I started by completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and gaining experience as a Registered Nurse. After that, I completed a Master of Science in Nursing degree and went on to become a Board Certified PMHNP.

The journey was challenging, but also rewarding. Through my studies and clinical rotations, I gained a deeper understanding of mental health and the role of the PMHNP in providing individualized care to patients. I learned how to assess and diagnose mental health disorders, create treatment plans, and provide psychotherapy. I also gained valuable experience in prescribing medications and providing patient management and follow-up care (Peterson,2019)

I am now a practicing PMHNP and I am committed to providing quality care to my patients. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who struggle with mental health issues.

Jorge Tase

Decision for Becoming a PMHNP

Personal experiences and professional challenges merge into the decision to pursue the formation as PMHNP. From the family side, female relatives have been suffering from depression and other mental diseases such as schizophrenia which have affected not only the individual but also the family environment. Being a witness of such experiences has motivated the desire of contributing and participating in the treatment and recovery of people who confront such episodes. From the professional perspective, it represents a chance of learning and specializing in one of the most challenges areas of the nursing field which combines serious competences in clinical skills, pharmacology, behavior and decision-making, and others.

Pictures that can represent which I entailed for such decision speak about:

Bottom of Form

The pictures represent those motives from which as an advanced practitioner, I understood the relevance of pursuing the PMHNP role. The first picture represents the understanding about how depression and anxiety not only impact the individual but also the family environment from which the patient needs support and understanding. The second picture talks about a medical issue that many times go hidden for women: the postpartum depression and the conditions that affect the bonding, safety, and mental health of mother and babies. The third imagen entails the impact over the health status of patients with schizophrenia and how the development of the disorder significates a comprehensive approach to treat manifestations of the disease from the hallucinations to the behavior and mood.

In comparison with other student´s discussion, the image seems to be very correlated to what PMHNPs treat and confront in the clinical practice. Cases from substance abuse to mental disorders are very specific and denote diseases´ features that from the generalization should be tailored to the patient´s conditions, considering not only the mental status but also the impact of those diseases in the well-being, the safety, the quality of care, and the prognosis and treatment to ease the patient´s life (AANP, 2020). Several images serve to understand how we approach the cases, including the pharmacological intervention or the supporting structures from family and community resources.


Are you considering a career as Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse practitioner? American Association of Nurse Practitioners. (2020). Retrieved January 5, 2023, from 

Lazaro Garcia

My desire for mental health has been driven by the increasing burden of mental health problems in society. The first image shows how the rate of mental health issues has risen since 1990 which calls for action to address the issues. Many people have poor mental health, with a growing incidence of depression and anxiety among other problems (Castillo et al., 2019). The Covid-19 pandemic negatively affected individuals’

 livelihoods and has had many negative outcomes related to their mental health. patients battling chronic and lifestyle diseases such as cancer, obesity, and heart disease may also have poor mental health due to the stress caused by these diseases on their interactions, work, and economic situation. I believe that mechanisms to promote optimal mental health should be put in place to help individuals post the Covid outbreak and regain their welfare and function appropriately. 

           I am driven to advance mental health nursing so that I can help individuals achieve optimal mental well-being in a very busy world. There is a lot of pressure in the social, educational, and family lives of individuals in the modern world and the pressure will negatively affect their mental health. These pressures could cause a mental breakdown and a patient will need a lot of support to bounce back to their health (Finley, 2020). The second image shows a woman who has broken down possibly due to a lot of pressure in life. People are challenged to work harder and may not even have meaningful rest. Navigating the competitive world of employment is tough and may predispose to the onset of mental health. Anxiety, depression, and mood disorders may be triggered by the desire to fit in the highly competitive society and these would further adversely affect the health of the individual (Finley, 2020). People also need support to prevent people from developing mental health issues by creating a supportive environment to prevent mental health issues. The third image demonstrates how different individuals coming together can help address mental health issues. The fourth image reflects my role as a mental health practitioner whose role will be to offer support to persons to achieve better mental health. 

Alianne Maria Liens


Top of Form

I first decided to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner in college. I was studying

psychology, and I learned more about mental health and its importance during my classes. The

idea of being able to help people who are suffering from mental health issues and provide them

with the resources they need to improve their well-being was incredibly appealing to me

(Wheeler, 2021). After doing some research, I discovered that one of the best ways to do this is

to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP).

The first image I have chosen to illustrate my journey to becoming a PMHNP is a woman

holding a young baby in her arms. The baby looks unwell, but the components provide comfort.

Growing up, I saw how my mother and other family members provided care and comfort to

those in need (Wheeler, 2021). This image reminds me of the compassion and dedication that

went into the care they provided. It made me realize the importance of providing care and

support to those suffering from mental health issues.

The second image I have chosen is an image of safety. Seeing this image made me think

about how important security is for those suffering from mental health issues. Mental health can

be fragile, and providing a safe and secure environment for people to heal is essential. As a

PMHNP, I want to ensure that those I support feel safe and secure in the care and support I


The third image I have chosen is a bulb held in hand, and the bulb is lighting. This image,

to me, symbolizes hope and the light of knowledge. A PMHNP is a resource that provides hope

to those who are struggling with mental health issues. We constantly strive to learn more and

provide our patients with the most effective treatments and therapies (Sharma et al., 2019). This

image reminds me of the importance of always seeking to understand more and giving the best

care for those we serve.

Bottom of Form

Ariel Lopez

A patient with mental health problems was brought to my attention one day when I was working as a registered nurse at a hospital (American Nurses Association, 2020). It was evident that the patient, a young mother, needed more help than I could provide her in my capacity as a registered nurse.

I realized the importance of mental health to the patient’s well-being as I cared for them (ANA, 2020). When I realized I wanted to do more for patients like this, I looked into psychiatric-mental health nursing as an area of advanced practice nursing.

As I thought more and more about the possibility of a career change, I began researching PMHNP programs (American Nurses Association, 2020). The more I learned about the PMHNP position, the more I realized it was the ideal career for me.

I was drawn to nursing because of its focus on people’s health and well-being. I put in a lot of time and effort, and now I’m a certified PMHNP (ANA, 2020). Because of the patient who motivated me to enter this field, I can now provide my full range of services to people and families struggling with mental health issues.

I use the picture of the mother holding her child to represent the importance of caring for the mental health of families and children. The image of the lighting bulb symbolizes the idea of seeking new knowledge and understanding, which are essential for providing the best care possible as a PMHNP (Fulton et al., 2019). And the picture of safety represents the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for patients to heal and thrive.


American Nurses Association. (2020). Psychiatric-mental health nursing: Scope and standards of practice (3rd ed.). Silver Spring, MD: Author.

Fulton, J. S., Mayo, A., Walker, J., & Urden, L. D. (2019). Description of work processes used by clinical nurse specialists to improve patient outcomes. Nursing Outlook, 67(5), 511-522.

Marta Garcia Diaz

Mental health and substance abuse disorders have contributed to significant morbidity, disability, and mortality globally. These conditions have drastically changed the lives of affected individuals and their families. According to Rehm and Shield (2019), mental health and substance abuse disorders were diagnosed in more than a billion individuals in the past seven years. Working as a registered nurse in inpatient psychiatric units, I have witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of these disorders. While my time working in these units has been fulfilling and life-changing, it has left me with a yearning to help more patients by taking on a larger clinical role. Throughout my undergraduate studies and subsequent years working as a registered nurse, I always knew my place was in mental health nursing.

  Thus, after my time spent as an FNP, I have decided that it is time to pursue an advanced practice role. I intend to diversify my competencies and skills in managing complex pathologies and apply rational treatment to cater to my patients’ needs. My approach has always been guided by applying the principles of patient-centered care to my patients to ensure I deliver the safest and highest quality care regardless of how my patients treat me. 

In addition, I want to change perceptions relating to mental health and substance abuse disorders by educating patients, families, and communities on mental health issues. I believe enlightening others through education interventions is essential in changing social attitudes towards individuals with mental illnesses. Stigmatization and lack of support are confounding issues detrimental to individuals with severe mental illnesses (Gabrielsson et al., 2020). I aspire to lift the yoke of despondency that many individuals with mental health disorders face and give hope to these individuals and their families.

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