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Discussion forums must show evidence of critical thought, and it is necessary to provide
evidence to support you answers (from lectures, readings, videos, etc.). The discussion
forums provide you with a platform to develop your critical thinking skills, research, writing,
and referencing skills, review class materials and practice articulating your understandings
of key concepts, and interact with and learn from your fellow classmates!

Discussion forum

What are some ideas you have about the media that you think may have been a part of your
socialization process?

Media has been a powerful agent in shaping my socialization process. I have learned that
spending too much time on media has significantly impacted how I interact with those
around me. For example, mass media is one of the agents that have spread negative
portrayals of women stating that women can’t do that or that. The images of women in the
media shaped how I view women as a whole. Social media already told me that women
should be this and that. Media, I found it, can make you a wrong person even though you
were a good person. Most people might find this incorrect, but I speak from my experiences.
However, I have refused to accept any media messages that do not have proper research or


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