Eastern Illinois University Technology Tools for Trainers Discussion

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For this discussion assignment, you will need to: Readings Are Attached below

1. Identify at least two different technology tools (free if possible) for trainers to use in developing different types of instruction.

  1. This is to get you thinking about the different technologies available for you
  2. Identify technologies different than the ones in the textbooks.
  3. Keep in mind that you do not actually have to download, purchase, or buy thistechnology for the project. READ the instructions for the final project for further details.

2. In the discussion thread, you will need to post a separate paragraph for each technology tool.

Each paragraph should contain the following:
a. Title of the technology tool
b. Web address (URL) for the website for the technology tool.
c. A description of the technology tool.

d. An explanation of how you would use the technology tool to create effective WBT.


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