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For this first bibliography, you’ll include the MLA citations and annotations for the 2-3 sources you choose to use in your first essay. Remember, you’re choosing one source from the five I provided you in the Week One and Week Two modules and one or two from the CCP library databases. Below is lengthy and helpful detail about the annotated bibliography AND there is a sample annotation at the end of this assignment.

An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents in which each citation is followed by one brief paragraph of 250 words. The purpose of the annotation is twofold: it informs the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited; and, it is your working research document. As you read articles for your research, keeping an annotated bibliography provides you a system of tracking your sources. It is easy to lose track of which article had a quote you wanted to use or described a position with which you agreed unless you are “taking notes” on the source. The annotated bibliography, then, is your system of taking notes while you are researching your topic.

You have read (or will soon read) chapter 14 of They Say/ I Say, “Reading For the Conversation,” in which you were advised to think about these questions every time you read: 1)What other argument is the author responding to? 2) Is the author agreeing or disagreeing with something, and if so, what? 3) What is motivating the author’s argument? 4) Are there other ideas you’ve encountered in this class or elsewhere that might be pertinent? If you can answer these questions, you’re prepared to write your annotated bibliography for that source because you understand the scope of the article/source.

Here’s how to write your annotated bibliography:

  1. First, write your MLA citation for the source. Review the MLA video in Week One module, but also note that the citations for the newspaper articles are at the end of each article. Sherry Turkle’s citation can be found by going into the library databases, choosing EBSCO HOST, typing in the article title, and then using the citation tool (on the right of your screen)to copy and paste the MLA 8th edition citation. (There is a library module that shows screen shots that I’ve placed after the week 2 module.
  2. Next, write your annotation in one paragraph of about 250 words. Your first sentence should state the author’s full name, the article title in quotation marks, and the overall focus of the article. Then identify key ideas from the article. Finally, discuss why this source is useful to you. You can even provide quotes and respond to those quotes. Essentially, you’re keeping track of what this source is about and how, specifically, it’s useful to you. See below for an example of a good annotation and for why it is a good one.

Here’s a sample annotation:

Przybylski, Andrew K. and Netta Weinstein. “Can You Connect with Me Now? How the Presence of

Mobile Communication Technology Influences Face-To-Face Conversation Quality.” Journal of

Social & Personal Relationships, vol. 30, no. 3, May 2013, pp. 237-246. EBSCOhost,


The article “Can you connect with me? How the presence of mobile communication technology influences face-to-face conversation quality” by Andrew Przybylski reveals how the presence of cell phone impacts face-to-face communication. The article contains two experiments, which displays how the phone on the landscape may shape relationships quality. The first study reports that phone on the conspicuous place obstructed the development of interpersonal closeness and trust, and diminished the degree to which individuals felt empathy and understanding from their partners. The second study found that these effects greater expressed if people were talking about personally meaningful topics. This article is exceedingly useful for my research paper because I understood how only the presence of the cell-phone on the landscape might affect face-to-face communication. After the reading of this article, I learned that while we are noticing how the sound of the mobile phone may interrupt the conversation, we do not realize that “even a silent phone” may impede our conversation either. The article substantially supports Turkle’s idea in the chapter “The Flight from Conversation” where she reports that “even a silent phone disconnects us.” Turkle reveals that if two interlocutors are speaking and there is the cell-phone on the landscape, each individual feels less connected to the other. As a result, the conversation is superficial. Both authors claim that not only the ringing of the phone may lead to impeding of the conversation, but the mobile phone on the “silent mode” as well.

Notice what makes these annotations right:

  • The citation at the top correctly using MLA style.
  • The first part of the paragraph is a good summary that includes both the main ideas of the article and a clear sense of what the author’s purpose is.
  • The first sentence of the first paragraph also includes a proper introduction to the source: author, title of work, and overall claim of the work.
  • The second part of the paragraph is a discussion of why the article is important to the research project.
  • The second paragraph also makes connections between the sources, showing how these connections offers additional problems or positions to consider.

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