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Barry has a wife, Lucy, and 3 children, Arthur, Brenda and Carrie. He has very little money, but he owns (in his own name) a house that’s worth over $500,000. The house is located at 12 Maple Lane, Hypoville, New Tudor 66666. He is concerned about several things: 1) He wants to remove the house from his name so that it won’t be vulnerable to creditors and because he wants to be eligible for government assistance (such as Medicaid) if he ever needs it. 2) No matter what he does with the property now, he wants Lucy to be able to live in the house for the rest of her life. 3) After his and Lucy’s death, he wants the property to be split among his children. He also wants the children to be able to whatever they want with their individual shares (e.g., to pass it to their children upon their deaths, etc.). Barry comes to you and asks what he should do. Please do the following for Barry: a) Tell him how he should convey his property. What interests should he give to whom? What kind of remainder interests and tenancies should he give to the children, etc.? Also, what kind of deed should be used to effect this conveyance? b) Please draft a deed to transfer Barry’s property in the manner you suggested in part (a) of your answer. There is NO need for an IRAC-based essay for this assignment. Part A can be satisfied in standard letter form.

American University Estimate Staffing Needs Questions

I’m working on a business multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Jessica and Paul run a company that provides IT support to local nonprofits and public organizations. To better estimate their staffing needs, they have been recording data on the number of support calls received from their clients per day, as shown in the “ITCalls” Excel file.they also recorded the value of several other attributes:ActiveContracts – the number of clients with whom they are workingAverageClientSize – the median size of their current clients (measured by # of employees)NewSoftwareReleased – a binary variable specifying whether or not there was a new software release that day that would be relevant to their clients; a 0 indicates no new release, and a 1 indicates a new release.Run a regression model in either Excel or RapidMiner to predict the number of calls in a given day based on the three other attributes. If using RapidMiner, be sure to change the role of Calls to label when importing, and in the Linear Regression operator, set the feature selection parameter to none. Use your regression model to answer the following questions:

1) What does the coefficient on ActiveContracts tell us? Be as specific as possible.

2) What does the coefficient on NewSoftwareReleased tell us? Be as specific as possible (Note that it is binary; its only possible values are 0 and 1.)

3) Is AverageClientSize significant? How can you tell?

4) Using this model, predict the number of calls on a day in which there are 10 active contracts, the average client size is 25, and no new software was released.

5) Would we get a better model if we removed any of these attributes? If so, which one(s)? If not, why not?

6) Jessica and Paul suspect that calls might be higher on some days of the week than others.However, a text attribute can’t be used in a regression model. What should be done to allow the day of the week to be included in the regression model along with the other attributes? How would you do it? (You do not have to actually build the model.)

Intelligence Collection Challenges

Most people attribute the creation of law enforcement and intelligence fusion centers with the events of September 11, 2001. However, from 1999–2002, a series of major events primed policy makers within the U.S. intelligence and law enforcement communities to formalize cross-community information sharing activities and ultimately to create an effective law enforcement and intelligence information-sharing environment.

As the new millennium was set to begin, Ahmed Ressam (the Millennium Bomber) was stopped as he exited a ferry crossing from Canada to a remote U.S. entry point. The contents found in his trunk would have allowed Ressam to achieve his goal of setting off an explosive device at the Los Angeles airport. This event, which occurred just two years before 9/11, led to meetings regarding the creation of some type of fusion and/or sharing process. Further discussions would advance this idea in the fall of 2002. In October of 2002, unprovoked shootings in the Washington DC metropolitan area resulted in 10 people dead and three critically injured. At the outset of these shootings, a massive police investigation across local and federal levels developed to apprehend the so-named Beltway Sniper. Local and federal law enforcement officials in the East attempted to fit the pieces together and analyze messages left by the killer or killers. This sniper case, combined with previous lessons learned, culminated in the realization for the need to formalize a multijurisdictional information-sharing activity. Members from across the law enforcement community—combining with elements of the homeland security, defense, and intelligence communitiesset about institutionalizing this effort as quickly as possible.

Assignment Guidelines

  • For this assignment, you are a member of the law enforcement community tasked with institutionalizing this effort.
  • Address the following in 1,000–1,250 words:
    • What are the challenges for federal, state, and local law enforcement in collecting intelligence information as it pertained to these two events? Explain.
    • What lessons were learned from these events with regards to intelligence collection and information-sharing? Explain.
    • What recommendations can you offer on how to create an information-sharing environment? Explain.
      • How would your recommendation effectively formalize multijurisdictional information sharing to counter some of existing challenges? Explain.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


Match the items in the Case Summary column to
the Options in the right column by entering the correct corresponding alphabetical
letter next to the numbers in the first column. Not all options will be

Case Summary



Shaun is driving home at night from work on a six-lane road,
under the speed limit. There are no streetlights. A man is crossing the
middle of the street, and Shaun does not see him. Shaun hits the man and
kills him.


Voluntary manslaughter

Involuntary manslaughter

Justifiable homicide

Excusable homicide

Statutory rape

Malice aforethought


Felony murder


Second-degree murder


Corpus delicti


Ruth’s friend Mary asks her to drive her to a convenience store
and wait for her. While Ruth waits in the car, Mary shoots and kills the
clerk, and robs the store. Mary gets in the car and Ruth drives away.


Lisa comes home early from work and finds her husband in bed
with her best friend. Lisa grabs a handgun and shoots her friend in the head.


Zachary suggested playing Russian roulette with his friend Gary,
because he had a handgun and only three bullets. Gary shoots himself in the
head and dies.


Officer Chan is a city police officer who pulled over a speeding
car. Upon asking for license and registration, the driver grabbed a gun out
of the glove box and began to turn toward the officer. Officer Chan shot and
killed the driver.


Ben and Heather have a suicide pact, because their families are
preventing them from having a relationship. Ben drives his car, with Heather
in the passenger seat, off the cliff. Heather lives and Ben dies.


After a fight with his wife, Tom buys a shovel and rope. He
tells his wife he wants to drive into the desert to look at the stars. While
in the desert, Tom chokes his wife. He digs a hole and buries her in the


Andrew abuses his son, Joe, which was noted by Joe’s teachers.
Andrew gets extremely drunk one day and beats Joe again. After 3 days, Joe
dies from his injuries.


Scott murders his wife, then takes a boat out to sea and dumps
her body. Can Scott be charged with homicide?


Nicole owns two aggressive dogs that consistently get out of the
backyard. The dogs attack and kill Nicole’s 80-year old neighbor as she takes
her daily walk.

11.  How does your state’s law define
kidnapping? What degrees of kidnapping are effective in your state? How do
federal kidnapping laws differ from your state’s kidnapping laws? Include

12.  How do false imprisonment and
abduction laws vary from kidnapping in your state? Include references.

13.  Provide an example of a recent case
involving a computer or high-technology crime. What law was broken? When was this law enacted? What
was the punishment? Include references.

Global Citizens Assignment Blades, Inc. Assessment of Government Influence on Exchange Rates

Global Citizens Assignment Blades, Inc. Assessment of Government Influence on Exchange Ratesthe following paper have the instructions on how to do the paper It have to be only 2 papers not more please