Stanford University Budgeting and Tax Implementation Paper

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1) 40%:A state wants to use performance measures to determine appropriations for its public universities. Here are a few outcomes: students in class, total graduates with advanced degrees, state resident students in class, graduates with employment within six months of graduation, graduates from underserved populations, and graduates in critical academic fields. Discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and relevance of each outcome, and the extent that each outcome is measurable. If you were developing a performance budget for this state, what measures would you use?

2) 30%: Suppose you work for the city budget office. The chief budget officer for the city reports to you and other staff members that revenues are 7.3% below the forecast level of $6.8 million for the first five months of the budget year. She asks for ideas on what, if anything, should be done to deal with the problem. The city is prohibited by state law from borrowing to cover operating deficits. Provide a brief for the chief budget officer with a plan of action.

3) 30%: You are presented with a set of criteria for evaluating taxes and beneficiary charges. One such criterion is directed at evaluating the manner in which the burden of a tax or charge is distributed among the citizens of the governmental jurisdiction (federal, state, or local) that is imposing the tax or charge. Write an essay in which you compare, contrast, and fully explain the criteria for evaluating the equity of taxes and charges. Also, answer the following question: Why should public officials be interested in, or concerned with, tax equity when they consider changes to an existing tax or charge, or when they consider imposing a new tax or charge?

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