CMR 242 MUO Business Plan Mission Statement Paper

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1. Competitive Advantage- Entrepreneurship Portfolio-Critical Thinking Exercise 3-1 through 3-6. Complete items 1 through 6, which require you to create charts similar to the exhibits 3-4 and 3-6 in the text book for this assignment.

2. Calculate Gross Profit for A and B.

Gross profit is the profit of a business before which other costs are subtracted? What is the average unit of sale for the following businesses?

A. A restaurant that serves $3250 in meals to 225 customers per day.

B. A record store that sells $2600 worth of CDs to 80 customers per day, but has 112 customers come in to the store.

3. Biz Builder Business Plan:

Complete business plan section 2.0, Mission, Vision and Culture: A, B C & D sections- for your specific business. Be sure to write as a narrative than just simply answering the questions. Remember your audience.

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