UNLV Food Industry Product and Service Selecting a Supplier Process Essay

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This assignment will evaluate students’ ability to generate and communicate knowledge of the food service industry gained during this module. The assignment will focus on the receiving and storage of different commodities.

The Food and Beverage Manager of a medium size popular restaurant is concerned about the increase in food costs. They what you to undertake a “make or buy” analysis to determine whether they should continue to purchase bulk ground beef or buy portion controlled 4oz beef patties.

The following are two simple purchasing specifications for beef patties.

  • 20 portion control beef patties (Frozen)
  • 4oz patties
  • Individually wrapped and sealed

Making the beef patties x 40 portions

  • 10lb x Fresh ground beef
  • Spices
  • 4 whole eggs
  • 1lb Fresh bread crumbs
  • 8oz fresh milk

Answer the following questions – Refer to Ninemeier, J. (2016) Ch 8 P 179-201

Note: see WileyPlus for food costing support materials

  • What does the term make or buy decision mean?
  • When selecting a supplier what factors should be taken into consideration?
  • Who will order the product or commodities?
  • Who receives these and in what condition should they arrive?
  • Where are the commodities to be stored once received and at what temperatures?
  • What documentation needs to be completed upon ordering and receiving the goods?
  • How does a perpetual inventory system differ from a physical inventory system?
  • In what ways can a computerized system simplify procedures used in purchasing, receiving, storing and issuing commodities?


To obtain a high grade for your effort it is highly recommended you proofread before submitting your assignment.

  • Well organized and able to finish most of the assigned tasks in allotted time to complete the assignment to a high standard of academic writing
  • Demonstrates full knowledge with explanations and elaboration throughout the assignment. Arguments are fully supported with support material correctly referenced
  • Recommendations and conclusions that can be readily adopted or show a clear rationale and supporting acknowledgment of the processes in the correct context


  • Maximum of 1000-1200 words; word count to be stated on the front Cover Page
  • Cover page: module name, code, your name and student ID. An Assignment Cover Page will be available on Canvas
  • Font 12 of Times New Roman with 1.5 spacing and one-inch margin
  • Pages are to be numbered at the bottom center of the page
  • The editorial style of American Psychological Association (APA) for citation of references has to be followed. Information can be accessed via Canvas subject modules as to APA referencing requirements
  • Required to use at least 3 relevant journal articles in this assignment
  • Only two internet references allowed
  • Please reference correctly

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