University of Sydney CUMI Indias Global Strategy The China Puzzle Case Study

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1. What is driving CUMI’s success? Is it sustainable? Which part of it is transferable internationally

2. What is driving CUMI’s internationalization strategy? Specifically analyze the industry level drivers, as well as country level (India) drivers? 

3. Evaluate CUMI’s Russian and South African ventures. What is the level of success in each of these two markets and what would you attribute the success or failure to?

4. Evaluate CUMI’s experience in China? What is CUMI’s problem in China? Why do you think CUMI is not able to translate its Russian success to China?

5. How important is China to CUMI? Is the management right in thinking about China centric strategy?

6. What are CUMI’s options in China? What would you recommend CUMI as China strategy? How would you implement this?

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