MGT 496 Ashford University 5S Guidelines & Risky Business High Payoffs Discussion

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Question 1

Review the 5-S Guidelines provided in Chapter 8. Using your desktop, a coffee table, or other small area, attempt to “5-S” that area. In 200-250 words, discuss some of the challenges you faced when trying to implement 5-S and ways you overcame them.


This is when the 5-S have become ‘embedded’ by using the 5-S dis- cipline and following the procedures to ensure that the hard work and results so far are not wasted.All four levels are present and it will be ‘sustained’ only when it has been used successfully for a period of time.

Sustain: Some methods to use

• Visual controls, so that all can see, e.g., photo displays, slogans, radar charts, etc.

• Can the improvements be seen? • If ‘no’, what went wrong and why did it go wrong? Rectify the

problem and start again. • If ‘yes’, then the current situation has been improved and Stage 1

is complete.

Continue what has been started in Stage 1 and Levels 1–5

Next . . . after Stage 1: Improving the current situation, it is neces- sary to move through the following stages of:

Stage 2: Make it a habit Stage 3: Become World Class.

Stage 2: Make it a habit

• Question stock levels strongly. • Make it easy to return things (organise by colour, by shapes, by

lines). • Make cleaning habitual (checklists, checkpoints). • Maintain a clean workplace (standards). • Maintain standards (constructive criticism, correction, accept


Is it yet a habit? (A radar chart can be used to identify any weak points to be corrected.)

Stage 3: become world class

• Only move to this stage after making any corrections from Stage 2 ‘Make it a habit’.

• Now move from being reactive and remedial to being proactive and prevention . . . in all the five levels.

• 5W1H questioning.* • Radar chart . . . are we there yet?

*Who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Question 2

Read the Forbes article, “Risky Business, High Payoffs (Links to an external site.).” Based on the content presented in the article, what is the value to the company and the supplier in developing and implementing a Third Party Supplier Relationship Management System (3 P.L.S.M.S.)? How can such a system provide greater efficiency? In 200-250 words, describe the value to the organization.


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