MAN 1300 Rasmussen College Field of Human Resources Management Discussion

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Use your understanding of human resource management and its four functional areas to create a complete and persuasive rationale for selecting one human resource professionals below for the opening described. Make a clear argument for the applicant having the appropriate skills, education, and experience for the role.

In Microsoft Word, create a report that identifies the most appropriate applicant for the human resource role in the ad below. The rationale should be 1-2 pages and include the following:

  • An assertive and persuasive statement naming the chosen candidate in a complete sentence or two so that the reader is prepared for the focus of the remainder of the report. Avoid phrases such as “I feel” or “In my opinion” as this choice is based on your analysis of the candidates and the open position.
  • A description of the relevant skills demonstrated by the applicant that clearly connects the applicant to the functional area and position.
  • A summary of the chosen applicant’s relevant experience/past roles showing upward mobility through the human resource hierarchy.
  • A list of human resource goals accomplished (e.g., decreased turnover, increased transfer of knowledge, provide specific data as applicable)
  • An explanation of why the candidate’s education/degrees are appropriate for the position.
  • A final assessment of any additional qualifications, awards, or certifications that qualify the applicant for the role.

Note: Be sure the document is free of grammar, mechanical, and syntax errors. Please use the following resources to assist you in your writing.

The Position

As an integral part of TechPro’s recruitment team, the Global Recruiter II is responsible for attracting, qualifying, and hiring international candidates to work in various cyber security roles for diverse government agencies and military contractors in North America and Eastern Europe. The recruiter will also have the unique opportunity to develop and implement strategic recruiting and onboarding for onsite and remote cyber security specialists.Review the requirements for the position in the TechPro ad below.

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