LDRCB 535 UP Change Management for Starbucks Presentation

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Part 2: Change Management Presentation (follow-up of Part 1: Organizational change Analysis)

You’ve been hired as a consultant to develop strategies with supporting tactics to implement positive changes in the corporation you chose in Part 1 (Starbucks)

Review your analysis of the corporation’s change process to be sure you understand the exact nature of the change and why the corporation needs to make it.

Create a 12- to 13-slide Change Management Presentation showing strategies with supporting tactics to implement positive changes for the company’s board of directors.

Complete the following in your presentation:

Evaluate why this change needed to occur.

Explain how this change impacts the company on a global scale.

Explain how this change impacts employees.

Using Kotter’s 8 Steps to Organizational Change Model, chart strategies and tactics for positively implementing the organizational change. In your chart, complete the following:

Develop strategies for each of the 8 steps in Kotter’s model.

Develop tactics to support each strategy.

Justify the effectiveness of each strategy and tactic with a rationale.

Conclude your presentation with an explanation of how this positive organizational change will help the company sustain a competitive advantage in the global market.

Include speaker notes for your presentation. Ensure that your slides contain only essential information.


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