HUST Probability of Rigwort Stock Price Rising Questions

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Please answer the following three questions and their sub-parts in detail, provide examples whenever applicable, provide in-text citations. I will attach the textbook for your reference. No Plagiarism.

  1. Discuss the risks and payoffs of the following positions, accompanied by payoff graphs.
  1. Buy stock and a put option on the stock.
  2. Buy a stock.
  3. Buy a call.
  4. Buy stock and sell a call option on the stock (covered call).
  5. Buy a bond.
  6. Buy stock, buy a put, and sell a call.
  7. Sell a put (naked put).

2. What is put–call parity and why does it hold? Could you apply the parity formula to a call and put options with different exercise prices?

3. Over the coming year, Ragwort’s stock price might drop from $100 to $50 or it might rise to $200. The one-year interest rate is 10%.

  1. What is the delta of a one-year call option on Ragwort stock with an exercise price of $100?
  2. Use the replicating-portfolio method to value this call.
  3. In a risk-neutral world, what is the probability that Ragwort stock will rise in price?
  4. Use the risk-neutral method to check your valuation of the Ragwort option.
  5. If someone told you that in reality there is a 60% chance that Ragwort’s stock price will rise to $200, would you change your view about the value of the option? Explain.

Chapters 20, 21, and 22 cover these topics mainly from the textbook.

Thanks for your help.

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