Business Ethics Aspects of Maintaining Fairness Essay

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You are to put yourself in the shoes of the division president and
make a recommendation to the board on how to proceed. You will
immediately recognize multiple ethical issues in the facts that contain
questions across all of the areas we have studied including employment
ethics, environment, cultural relativity, conflicts between virtues and
utility, justice and rights, shareholders and stakeholders of all other
stripes, etc.

  • What I want you to do is write a paper of at
    least four pages (no more than 6) that evaluates these issues using the
    philosophers, writers and thinkers we have studied. Contrast what you
    see as the two biggest moral value conflicts (systemic justice v human
    rights, shareholder rights v. systemic fairness, virtue v. utility, etc)
    and make a recommendation to the board. Cite your authority from our
    materials. Incorporate in your analysis what a Christian business
    manager would find most compelling in a realistic business sense as
    well. It can be challenging.

I need for you to practice your
best writing skills, analysis, logic and persuasive skills. Tie the
salient facts as you see them to the moral value you think is most
important and show how that logically leads to your conclusion. Keep in
mind the shareholders are in it to make money and the board is fully
devoted to keeping them happy. Still, what is the right thing to do.

I suggest you use the brief format as a guide to the
structure because it helps organize your thoughts. This is the brief
format: Format for Briefs:

Issue: A statement of the pertinent
facts and the primary business ethical issue presented by the case or
article. This may include references to the ancillary issues to
highlight why the student has chosen the primary issue to be the issue
of importance.

Rule: A statement of the conflicting moral
standards or “rules” as presented by the applicable portion of the
course texts, or the videos or other materials presented by the
professor citing the applicable chapter and page or presentation subject
where the rules are found, as well as the full text of the rules. One
standard is the rule the student recommends for solution of the issue.
The other standard is an alternative rule that could generate a
different outcome.

Analysis/application: The student’s independent
analysis/application of the issues presented and the rule to be applied
to that issue. In addition, the student may wish to include references
to other issues or rules that he or she considered in preparing the

Conclusion: The student’s personal conclusion as to the
reported facts in the article and the application of the rule selected.
What ethical conclusion do you draw from the preparation of the brief
concerning the article or situation? This conclusion may or may not
agree with the statements found in the article selected.

Donaldson, T., & Werhane, P. H. (2008). Ethical issues in business:
A philosophical approach. Pearson Publishing Inc. (8th edition)

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