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“Week 10 Discussion” Please respond to the following:

  • Go
    to BizFiling’s Website and read the article titled “Identifying and Addressing
    Employee Turnover Issues,” located at http://www.bizfilings.com/toolkit/sbg/office-hr/managing-the-workplace/employee-turnover-issues-tactics.aspx.
  • Based
    on the end of Chapter 14 case study,Retention:
    Deciding to Act
    , p. 718, determine whether the major complaints
    presented in the case study are the true reason forWally’s
    Wonder Wash’s
    high turnover
    rate. Then, suggest two (2) reasonable retention strategies that Wally’s Wonder
    Wash could implement. Justify your rationale. Note:Remember,
    turnover is not always about money/salary. Therefore, please presentstrategies that would not involve pay


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