The Art and Science of Purchasing Coal

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For your third case study, review Case 21, NEP: The Art and Science of Purchasing Coal (pp. 514-518 of 

your textbook) and then, after an introductory paragraph, provide a summary of the situation. In 

subsequent paragraphs, address the following: 

1. As purchasing manager for NEP, what is your evaluation of the various alternatives open to Deon 

for the purchase of coal? 

2. As the purchasing manager for NEP, what recommendations would you make to Deon regarding 

the purchase of coal? 

Present the key learnings that came out of the situation and make recommendations to improve the 

situation presented. Consider the Saint Leo core value of respect as you consider your decisions on the 

best ways to address the situation. In your paper, you will need to show how excellence factored into your 


The paper should conclude with a summary paragraph that answers the question, “why should anyone 

care” about this situation.

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