Project Initiation and Project Execution

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In APA format, follow the instructions and video for the Milestone 2 are shown below (templates are attached).

Video for the assignment:

Assume that you are the Project manager for this Project. Add data based on your best assumptions where it is needed.

  • Do not repeat the case study back in your documentation.
  • You may use the “optional templates” provided as examples.
  • Provide one to two paragraphs to describe the process and include examples (templates are considered examples).
  • Your submission must be in one document. The “optional templates” should be included in the sections.
  • Do not use an appendix or separate files for the submittal.
  • There is a video provided on how to merge word documents from portrait to landscape in the project. (Please see next bullet)
  • Process outlined in Video to Merge Portrait and Landscape Documents into one document:
  • Keep your paper organized with sub headers that align with the rubric.
  • A paper submittal template is provided for you to use to organize your paper.

Below is a matrix that will provide you guidance for this assignment:

II. Project Planning

Key Concepts to Discuss

Templates Provided as Examples of the Process

A. Determine the business requirements for the successful development of the project. Justify your choices.

Identify Business Requirements


B. Establish who will provide the business requirements. What approach will be used to solicit the requirements from the subject matter experts?

Who are the stakeholders that will provide the requirements

Discuss approach to solicit requirements


C. Categorize and organize the business requirements in a standard requirements template.

Identify Business Requirements – Input the Requirements Identified in Section II.-A

Yes — Requirements Template Project Planning Part C(1).docx

D. Explain why the format for capturing requirements is important to the overall success of the project. Why would we consider requirements’ traceability?

Discuss Requirements Traceability


E. Leveraging the business requirements, translate these requirements into a project schedule using standard project management software.

Discuss Project Schedule process – Input activities in a project schedule.

Yes —Project Schedule Milestone Project Planning Part E(1).xlsx

F. Estimate the duration of project tasks using common business knowledge, and assign resources to complete each task.

Discuss Project Schedule plus durations and resources – Input activities with durations in project schedule

Yes — Project Schedule Task with Duration and Resources — Project Planning Part F(1).xlsx

G. Refine your estimate of the project cost based on the duration of tasks and resources needed.

Project Schedule plus durations, resources, and cost. Extend durations and costs and include in project schedule template

Yes — Project Schedule with Tasks — Duration–Resources– Project Planning Part G _1_.xlsx

III. Project Execution

A. Determine the best implementation approach—agile or waterfall project—for the organization based on its organizational structure. Provide examples to support your rationale.

Discuss Waterfall or Agile

Advantages or Disadvantages – Make a recommendation


B. Explain how the project schedule can be resource leveled, fast-tracked, or crashed if needed based upon execution results.

Discuss the following



Resource Leveling

Make a recommendation on which one to use.


C. Propose communication approaches and the frequency that should be used to keep leadership apprised of the project execution. Include examples to support your claims.

Discussion communication process used in Project Management. Include Frequency

Type of Communication

Etc. in template.

Yes — Communications Template(1).xlsx

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